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Indoor Christmas Activities - Part 3/3

Spreading a little Christmas cheer doesn't have to be complicated! At Camp Big Cedars, we're all about making memories. For the past 2 weeks, we've been sharing some indoor Christmas activities that the whole family can enjoy together, and today we're sharing our final idea with you!

TODAY'S ACTIVITY: Making Homemade Christmas Cards!

For this craft, all you need is some paper and a pen. Like we said before, it doesn't have to be complicated! But with Christmas cards, you can be as simple or creative as you want. Use colorful markers, tape or glue on some construction paper or ribbon, use different styles of paper, cut them into shapes, break out the paint - the possibilities are endless!

Once you've made a card (or a lot of cards), it's time to give them away! Give them to family members, mail them to distant loved ones, or even get your family and friends together to make a bunch and pass them out at a nursing home or homeless shelter. You'd be surprised how a simple homemade card can brighten someone's day!

We hope you've liked the crafts we've been sharing these past 3 weeks!

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