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Indoor Christmas Activities - Part 2/3

What could be more classic than making a gingerbread house at Christmas time? We're all about making memories at Camp Big Cedars. So this week, we're sharing a new indoor Christmas activity the whole family can enjoy together!

TODAY'S ACTIVITY: Building a Gingerbread House!

For this craft, just head to the nearest grocery store! At this time of year, you can easily find a kit with all the ingredients you need to build a beautiful gingerbread house - and there's so many house styles to choose from!

Want to get even more creative? You can create your own custom gingerbread house from scratch! (Although this method does take more time and preparation.) Using a good sturdy gingerbread recipe, shape the dough into the house pieces. While the gingerbread is baking and cooling, make a homemade icing and gather your candies and decorations - you can choose whatever type of candy you like! When everything is ready, you're ready to build! If you're up for a challenge, you can gather friends or family members to compete to build the best gingerbread house!

We hope you like this fun (and delicious) Christmas activity! Check back next week for our final festive craft idea!

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