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Indoor Christmas Activities - Part 1/3

Do you ever get a little bored when it's too cold to go outside? Or do you struggle to find fun things to do at home during Christmas break? We're here to help!

At Camp Big Cedars, we're all about making memories. So over the next 3 posts, we will be sharing some indoor Christmas activities that the whole family can enjoy together!

TODAY'S ACTIVITY: Making Homemade Ornaments!

For this craft, you'll need:

  • clear plastic ornaments

  • filling (cotton balls or fake snow work great!)

  • markers

  • pipe cleaners (optional)

  • super glue (optional)

The rest is simple! Fill an ornament with whatever filling you choose and put the ornament cap back on. Then decorate the outside however you want! If you're making a snowman or another character, you can make earmuffs or arms and legs out of pipe cleaners and attach them with super glue.

We hope you like this easy and fun Christmas activity! Check out next week's post for another festive craft idea!

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