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Your camper's health and safety is extremely important to us. An experienced nurse will be on-site during all three weeks of camp.
All preexisting medical conditions (including allergies) must be communicated in full on the camper application. If your camper has a medical condition that may be a problem during camp, please contact the camp's director prior to camp with any questions or concerns.

In the event of an illness, accident, or injury (other than minor scrapes, etc.), the camper's parent or guardian will be contacted as soon as possible. The camp nurse will examine the camper and, in combination with the parent/guardian, determine whether or not the camper needs further medical care.

ALL MEDICATIONS must be in original containers and turned in to the camp nurse upon check-in. The camp nurse will administer all medications. To ensure the safety of all campers, no medications are allowed in the cabins (including over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.).

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