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Camp Big Cedars strives to provide a variety of delicious and nutritious foods for our campers.
Read below for more information on food allergies and what we provide for each meal.


All food allergies must be communicated in full on the camper application. At this time, we cannot provide special meals if your camper has a food allergy or intolerance; however, we will inform our staff of your camper's restrictions to help them choose allowed foods from our regular menu. Cabin leaders and the camp nurse will be notified of any serious allergies.


The breakfast menu for all three camps includes a main entrée as well as fruit and cereal options.


The dinner menu for all three camps always includes one main entrée, a vegetable side dish, and dessert options.


At Senior Camp, campers will have at least two opportunities per day to purchase full-sized drinks and snacks at the Snack Shack.At Intermediate and Junior Camp, small snack items will be offered free of charge at the Snack Shack.


Since the Senior Camp schedule is different from the other camp schedules, only two large meals are scheduled. Breakfast is scheduled later at Senior Camp, so sandwiches are available for those who are hungry around early afternoon.

Intermediate and Junior campers are served a full lunch around noon.

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