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  • Is the campground available to rent?
    Yes. Visit our Rent page for information on how to rent Camp Big Cedars for your event.
  • How to I get my child to camp?
    Camp Big Cedars does not provide transportation to and from the campgrounds. If your camper is coming with a church group and you or a family member cannot provide transportation, contact that church to see if group transportation is available. Otherwise, you are responsible for getting you camper to and from the campgrounds.
  • When can my child call home?
    If a camper wishes to call home, our cabin leaders are instructed to make sure they have access to a phone to make the call. Calls will be allowed to parents/guardians only, except in the case of emergency. If you do need to speak to your camper, we do allow phone calls during daytime hours. Contact the camp director to speak to your camper. If there is a problem or an emergency, we will always contact you immediately. Learn more about our Communication Policy here.
  • Can I visit my child at camp?
    For the safety of all of our campers, all camp visits must be approved in advance by contacting the camp directors by phone. No visitors are allowed in the cabins without a dean present. To learn more about camp visitation, read our Communication Policy here.
  • What are the safety procedures in case of storms or emergencies?
    Keeping campers and staff safe is a top priority for us. All camp staff is trained prior to camp regarding safety and emergency procedures. We monitor weather and safety conditions and notify staff well in advance if relocation to a safe place might be necessary. In the event of a weather emergency, campers and staff will be taken to the safest locations on our campground.
  • What if my child has an allergy or medical condition?
    All allergies and medical conditions must be communicated in full on the camper application. At this time, we cannot provide special meals if your camper has a food allergy or intolerance; however, we will inform our staff of your camper's restrictions to help them choose allowed foods from our regular menu. Cabin leaders and the camp nurse will be notified of any serious allergies. If your camper has a medical condition that may be a problem during camp, please contact the camp's director prior to camp with any questions or concerns. There will be an experienced camp nurse on-site during all three weeks of camp. See Medical Care for more info.
  • Is there a lifeguard at the pool?
    Yes. A licensed lifeguard will be on staff during all three weeks of camp.
  • Does my child need a lifejacket?
    Every camper regardless of age takes a swim test at the beginning of the week. If your child does not pass the test, or does not take the test, they will need a life jacket to enter the deep end of the pool. If you know your child will need a lifejacket, please have him or her bring it to camp. Children without a lifejacket who do not pass the swim test will be required to stay in the shallow end.
  • Is there a dress code?
    Yes. Because Camp Big Cedars is a Christian camp with a distinctly Christian atmosphere, we do ask campers and staff to adhere to a modest dress code. Details about our dress code can be found here.
  • What does my child need to bring to camp?
    Campers will need to pack all overnight essentials, including bedding for a twin-sized mattress, towels, and enough clothing for 6 days. For a full list of recommended items, visit our Packing List page.
  • Is there anything my child cannot bring to camp?
    Yes. Campers are not allowed to bring any dangerous items to camp (including drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons). We ask that campers turn in their cellphones at check-in to minimize distractions for all campers. For a full list of prohibited items, visit our Packing List page here.


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