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We endeavor to create an atmosphere that minimizes distractions and maximizes a total "camping" experience. To accomplish this, we ask campers and their parents/guardians to adhere to the following communication policies:


We ask that campers turn their cellphones off and turn them in at check-in or leave them at home. This is to enable campers to unplug from outside distractions for a week. Many campers enjoy the break from technology and constant communication. We guarantee the privacy and security of the phones which will be returned upon check-out from camp.


We want all campers to feel safe and secure. If a camper wishes to call home, our cabin leaders are instructed to make sure they have access to a phone to make the call.


Calls will be allowed to parents/guardians only, except in the case of emergency. If you do need to speak to your camper, we do allow phone calls during daytime hours. Contact the camp director to speak to your camper (contact information is listed on the camper application). If there is a problem or an emergency, we will always contact you immediately.


For the safety of all of our campers, all camp visits must be approved in advance by contacting the camp directors by phone (contact information can be found on the camper application). No visitors (including parents) are allowed in the cabins without a dean present except during check-in and check-out. All visitors must check in with the camp directors upon arrival.

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